The message automation line displays a window with a specified message and an OK button.
Message can show most of the properties of Layers/Project/Items/Keyframes/markers/files/folders combined with a custom text.
In this example the message combines a static part that was written as a custom value "Finished processing this layer -" and a dynamic part that marked in yellow on the photo "Shape Layer 7", this name is taken automatically from the layer "name" property.

How To Use -

A message is often used if you want to make sure that some information comes through to the user, for example to let the use know that the automation has finished or if the automation could not finish the successfully.

workflow (finding errors) -

Messages can also be used in the creation of the automations for finding out why sometime you get an unexpected results, you can message the values of the properties that you are working on to check why the automation not working as expected, usually you will find that you chose the wrong property/variables by mistake but this process will help you verify which variable/property is wrong and fix it.

Creating Lists -

Messages can also be used to make a list of text data from a specific properties of variables.
read more about it at Message Options and ListBox.
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